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College Humor does this hilarious video series called “Prank News Network,” that is just getting better and better every week. In it, fake newsman “Mike Holland” (comedian Dan Hodapp) asks unsuspecting people on the street for their opinions about recent news items. The catch is that the stories he’s asking about are totally fake. The one above features a question about Jay-Z and Beyonce remaking the ‘Harry Potter’ series and more than one person compares it to ‘The Wiz,’ the Diana Ross-starring ‘Wizard of Oz’ remake. Oh wow.

In this one, he asks people their opinion on Taylor Swift already picking her next five ex-boyfriends.

It’s pretty shocking what people will believe just because you’re telling them while holding a microphone and wearing a suit. I mean, I’m sure they go through a tone of people who agree to comment and then realize the joke’s on them, but the amount…

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