Influenster Blossom VoxBox Review

I received my first ever voxbox from Influenster yesterday, with lots of free products to test and review.  The first was Nasoya Zero Calorie noodles.  They’re much healthier than normal pasta.  So far I’ve made broccoli alfredo with them.  they have no flavor, like normal pasta, but have a very different texture.  They’re very firm so if you like softer noodles I would advise ooking these for a bit.  The best part about them, though, is that you only need to rinse them.  They require no cooking unless you want them hot.  Great product for vegans.  The next product was Bear Naked granola in sea salt caramel apple and coconut almond curry.  i had the caramel apple one for breakfast and it was honestly delicious.  It was chunks of caramel and apple chips in it.  It’s not too sweet.  Great snack for on the go.  I have not tried the curry flavor yet.  My boyfriend loves curry so I’m waiting until I see him.  Next is Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs in medium.  i loved this product.  It didn’t make my skin orangey, just added a nice color to it.  Way better for your skin than tanning.  It also washes off very easily and doesn’t smell. Then I tried Hair Food Root Cleansing shampoo by Clairol in strawberry ginger scent.  It smelled so good.  After I washed my hair, I could feel how clean it was even while still wet in the shower.  It definitely made my previously dull hair much shinier.  I also received Beanitos Black Bean chips in chipotle and original sea salt.  Both were delicious! So much healthier than normal trtilla chips.  My favorite was the original because chipotle was pretty spicy.  They would go grea dipped in salsa.  The Australian Gold Lotion Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30 smells like normal sunscreen, but it goes on great.  It’s currently 80 degrees and sunny here but this lotion has protected my cheeks and shoulders all day.   Lastly, NYC’s 24 Hours Waterproof Eyeshadow, which i made a seperate blog post about.  i tried Brooklyn Mocha.  i loved the shade and how easy it was to apply.


NYC 24 Hour Waterproof Eyeshadow

Today I tested out NYC’s 24 Hour Eyeshadow, which i received free from Influenster to try.  It was in a medium brown, bronzey shade, called Brooklyn Mocha. It went on so easily.  It’s in what I could call crayon form.  You just draw right onto your lids.  I put it on a little heavier around the outside of my eye crease to add some shading.  I also lined and did a cat eye, then some quick mascara.  I love the color. It has a pop of glitter in it.  The color is trendy and so is the form it comes in.  Modern women are always on the go and want to look good but also focus on bigger and better things.  This is  great way to quickly and efficiently apply make up so you don’t have to spend your whole day applying eyeshadow.  You also don’t have to worry about it coming off since it can last an entire day!

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have to worry about it coming off


When it comes to fashion tips, it sometimes seems that everyone and their mother (literally!) has tried-and-true style advice they absolutely swear by. Some are useful, while others … well, not so much. With that in mind, we’ve culled 101 style tips from the best: designers, lifestyle experts and, of course, our staff. Trust us: With these gems, you’ll be well on your way to living your most stylish life.

101. Despite what it says on the tag, cashmere is best washed by hand. To dry it, use a salad spinner, which releases excess water in seconds.

100. Use white wine to remove red wine stains.

99. Wash new jeans twice before taking them to the tailor. Why? Because jeans will always shrink in length when washed.

98. To stop angora or mohair from shedding, fold the garment and place it into a zip-top bag and freeze it for at least…

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You’re New

I sat across from you and next to him. So quickly, I was comfortable laughing and joking along. I haven’t had this much fun in a long time. We looked at each other a lot, daringly, boldly. after awhile, the table was packed so I had to crawl over it to get to the bathroom. You walk up and suddenly we’re making out. I don’t know. I was too drunk at that point. I just know it happened. We went to another party and eventually him and I lost you.

The next day you message my on facebook. I judge, that’s quick. In the back of my mind, I like it. You invite me out and I grudgingly accept. You pick me up in your vintage-y Volvo. Volvo’s too similar to vulva. You can talk. I like that, especially since I tend to be reserved. We get to your apartment and then we’re playing beer pong with your roomate, 2 on one, listening to nineties and classic rock. We’re all dancing. I’m happy. I’m fucking happy. We walk to a party and I hold your hand so I don’t loose you. Your roommate and I laugh and talk to strangers will you fight your way to the bathroom. I try to be your roommate’s wingman, but it’s a sausage fest.

You and I go out onto the crowded porch. We look at each other and kiss. We hear a guy sitting on the rail mutter a comment about us. I look at him, we look at each other and start passionately making out. Great minds think a like.

I tell you we’re not having sex tonight.

We go back to your apartment, talk and eat with your roommate until he goes to bed. We got up to your room and play around. No sex. We talk until 4 am. I ask you if you voted for Obama. You ask if I’m pro-choice. We say yes. I fall asleep in your arms, the first time, you tell me later, that a woman has fallen asleep in your arms. We wake up and have shower sex, then bed sex. We kiss. We kiss so much.

You take me home and I spend the day in bliss.

Escape to Reality

Today, 5 May, is the anniversary of the birthday of that gloomy Dane, Søren Kierkegaard. Kierkegaard, who was born in 1813 and died on 11 on November 1855, has been called the father of existentialism. If you don’t know what existentialism is, just read Ecclesiastes. Existential thinking often pertains to the state of man apart from God.

Existential writing is often full of angst, but what I love about it is that it’s honest angst! Angst and dread are entirely appropriate responses to a life apart from God. It’s the raw honesty of Kirkegaard that turned me into a fan in my 20s. I loved his damning critiques both of godless society and the institutional church of his day. His parable of the duck church is an all-time classic.

Kirkegaard certainly wasn’t a radical just for the sake of it. There is evidence that he lived with constant pain…

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Being Female is Being in Pain

I wish it was not so terrifying to be a woman. I wish that I could walk anywhere, at any time. I wish I could go for runs on crisp nights through glorious forests, instead of looking outside from my window like a caged animal.

I wish taking a women’s gender and sexuality studies class did not weigh so heavily on my soul, but it does simply because it is the most real class I have ever taken in my life. It makes all of the falsehoods melt away and leaves me raw, angry.

I wish I could go on a date with out the fear in the back of my mind that he will rape me. I wish I felt safe.

Most men do not know what it is like to never truly feel safe.

I wish I could go to a party, drink and be merry with out fearing for my safety and living in paranoia. I wish that if I ever did slip up one night, let my guard down and a preadator took advantage, that I would not have to then be metaphorically raped in court when I am questioned and it is insinuated that I, the victim, am the cause of my own rape. That I should not be so skanky, should have known better, should have not tried to live a normal life but I should instead be in my tower, locked away and virginal, attending my studies and waiting for my one true love, my prince. That, essentially, I should be dead inside.

That I should sell my soul simply because this culture teaches women to protect themself from potential rape rather than teaching men simply not to rape and what rape really is. That they skirt the subject. That they do not say or enforce the rule “just do not have sex with a woman with alcohol in her system”. That would make it all so simple. They do not say that it is the perpatrators fault if he rapes someone. The victim is completely, one hundred percent free of blame and entitled to all anger she or he feels. That if I walked naked, alone through a dark alley in high heels and he raped me, it is his fault. He should have never laid a hand on me. I am completely free of blame because no one ever asks to be raped.

You Left

I lost myself in you, and not in a good way. I’m a free spirit and you tried to trap me in your neurotic box.
Who is that? Who are you texting? What did they say? Where were you? What’s taking so long?
Asked so frequently, I trapped myself in a box in order to keep you. There, though, I started striking out as wild animals often do. At first, well fed and safe from other male predators, I frolicked in my pen and gobbled up the attention. Soon I grew bored and restless. I lashed out under the immense pressure of having to constantly worry about my behavior.
You left. I cried. I stopped. I got off my bed to do something and the next minute I was laying on my floor crying so hard I couldn’t stop until I gave in and texted someone I had needed to keep at arms length for awhile. They were the only person that could calm me down. Don’t let this experience make you cold and hard like you always try to do. Don’t let it affect your future negatively.
I am free. I can hug my guy friends and kiss them on the cheek. I can tweet before replying to a text. I can flirt and blush and walk past them, smiling because I know they’re watching me walk by. I can say what I want when I want to who I want. What more could I ask for.